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Category: Activities of Daily Living

The Importance of Compassion and Love in Alzheimer’s Care

Two men talk about the importance of compassion and love as caregivers. Learning how to live without conflict.

Discovering the Maria Montessori Approach

Healthcare professionals discuss and demonstrate different approaches to occupational-type activities for dementia patients, using the Montessori method, which allows them to use cognitive functions and give a sense of purpose in their daily life.

Showering and Transferring

Instructions and demonstration by a healthcare professional for safe and proper showering, bathing, and transferring of dementia patients.

Introduction to Montessori

NOTE: This is the intro to the Helpful Tips with Sandy and Debbie movie. I have marked it private and I suggest this be edited to introduce the Tips movie.

Ideas to Engage, Socialize, and Interact with Dementia Patients

Caregivers and family members discuss and demonstrate methods and ideas to engage, socialize, and interact with dementia patients.

Helpful Tips for Dementia Caregivers

An instructional video on the right way to move, redirect and feed dementia patients.