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Category: Loss of Abilities

Dementia Disease Explained

Carole Stathis talks about getting the right diagnosis and discusses medications for dementia. Sister Peter discusses the importance of assessments of the caregiver and the person with dementia disease.

Rapid Progression of Alzheimer’s

Interview with Alzheimer’s patient rapidly losing and his ability to communicate with his wife and difficulties with diagnosis.

Loss of Abilities of Alzheimer’s Patients

A video showing how people with Alzheimer’s slowly lose their abilities over time.

Memory Loss

Dr. Joseph E. Safdieh discusses the physical aspects of memory loss in the brain. Support group caregivers express there experience with memory loss with their concerned others. Sr. M. Peter Lillian Di Maria gives an overview of the disease process associated with memory loss.


Caregiver describes his struggles and learning process in dealing with his wife’s failing health, and also issues with incontinence.