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Dementia Disease Explained

Carole Stathis talks about getting the right diagnosis and discusses medications for dementia. Sister Peter discusses the importance of assessments of the caregiver and the person with dementia disease.

Discovering the Maria Montessori Approach

Healthcare professionals discuss and demonstrate different approaches to occupational-type activities for dementia patients, using the Montessori method, which allows them to use cognitive functions and give a sense of purpose in their daily life.

Rapid Progression of Alzheimer’s

Interview with Alzheimer’s patient rapidly losing and his ability to communicate with his wife and difficulties with diagnosis.

Proper Assessment

Discussions about the importance of proper diagnosis and assessment of Dementia.

Loss of Abilities of Alzheimer’s Patients

A video showing how people with Alzheimer’s slowly lose their abilities over time.

Howie: Important Information About Medication for Dementia

A real caregiver gives insight about medication for dementia and how it affects the human body and mind.

Family Caregiving for Dementia Patients: Promo Video

Dr. Saphdie, neurologist explains Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Al Norwood describes behaviors of Alzheimer’s patients. Sister Peter and Carol Stathis describe the causes of dementia.

End Of Living Issues

Before and after candid look into the decline of Herman’s health as a result of Alzheimers. Herta discusses her frustration with trying to get help from doctors and the medicine prescribed. Then, ultimately, how to handle issues in the near future, as the disease progresses.

Dr. Safdieh Explains How the Brain Works

Dr. Joseph E. Safdieh, MD Medical Director of the Neurology Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College explains how the brain works.

Carole Stathis: Driving and Dementia

Carole Stathis talks about Early Onset Dementia and the importance of taking away the car keys.

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