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Category: Legal and Financial Issues

Talking With An Elder Law Attorney About Death

A Serious Conversation about death with Bernie Krooks, elder law attorney. A proposal for a new document that would appoint you attorney to over see your death.This document only deals with how you want to die.

Legal and Financial Issues

Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Bernie Krooks discusses legal issues for seniors, including Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Living Wills, and Last Will and Testament.

Changes in Tax Law

Attorney Bernie Krooks discusses estate planning

Bernie Krooks: Power Of Attorney and H.I.P.P.A Release Update 2010

With Bernie Krooks of Lipman Krooks Elder Law Attorney. Filmed and Edited By Caregiver Insights Foundation.

Bernie Krooks: Living Will

Bernie Krooks discusses the fact that when you cant make a decisions there is someone you appointed that will be able to make it for you.

Bernie Krooks: Last Will and Testament

Bernie Krooks talks about how a Last Will and Testament effects your family.

Bernie Krooks: Health Care Proxy

Bernie Krooks talks about the importance of a Health Care Proxy.

Bernie Krooks: End of Life Legal Issues

Bernie Krooks, certified elder law attorney, talks about the essential documents needed for living and dying.

Bernie Krooks: Durable Power of Attorney

Bernie Krooks talks about the need to have a Durable Power of Attorney.