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The Importance of Compassion and Love in Alzheimer’s Care

Two men talk about the importance of compassion and love as caregivers. Learning how to live without conflict.

Third Stage Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Facts about third stage Alzheimers symptoms.

Loss of Abilities of Alzheimer’s Patients

A video showing how people with Alzheimer’s slowly lose their abilities over time.

Howie: Important Information About Medication for Dementia

A real caregiver gives insight about medication for dementia and how it affects the human body and mind.

Caregiver Support Groups

Benefits for caregivers when participating in support groups.

Bringing in Help

Family members describe their experiences and issues dealing with in-home healthcare provided by outside health agencies and caregivers.

Recognizing Behavioral and Personality Changes

Learning about and recognizing behavioral and personality changes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. Carole M. Stathis, MSN, RN and support group discuss how they came to recognize the changes in personality and behavior in their loved ones who are affected.


Caregiver describes his struggles and learning process in dealing with his wife’s failing health, and also issues with incontinence.